Mailpoet Premium v3.19.1

Type : Plugin WordPress

Categories : Email Marketing

Last Update : Saturday – 2019 16 February



Send a newsletter with images, buttons, dividers, and social bookmarks. Or, just send a basic text email.

Welcome Email
Automatically send an email (or series of emails) to new subscribers or WordPress users. Send a day, a week, or a month after they sign up.

Latest Post Notifications
Let MailPoet email your subscribers with your latest content. You can send daily, weekly, monthly, or even immediately after publication.

WooCommerce (Beta)
Automatically send an email when there is a new WooCommerce product, order and some other action takes place.


Default sender:
These email addresses will be selected by default for each new email

Subscribe in comments :
Visitors that comment on a post can subscribe to your list via a checkbox.

Subscribe in registration form :
Allow users who register as a WordPress user on your website to subscribe to a MailPoet list (in addition to the “WordPress Users” list). 

Manage Subscription page :
When your subscribers click the “Manage your subscription” link, they will be directed to this page.

If you want to use a custom Subscription page, simply paste this shortcode on to a WordPress page: [mailpoet_manage_subscription] 
Unsubscribe page:
When your subscribers click the “Unsubscribe” link, they will be directed to this page.

If you want to use a custom Unsubscribe page, simply paste this shortcode on to a WordPress page: [mailpoet_manage text=”Manage your subscription”] 
Stats notifications:
Enter the email address that should receive your newsletter’s stats 24 hours after it has been sent. 

New subscriber notifications:
Enter the email address that should receive notifications when someone subscribes.

Archive page shortcode:
Paste this shortcode on a page to display a list of past newsletters. 

Shortcode to display total number of subscribers:
 Paste this shortcode on a post or page to display the total number of confirmed subscribers.

Be GDPR compliant:
You need to comply with European law in regards to data privacy if you have European subscribers. Rest assured, it’s easy!

Enable sign-up confirmation:
If you enable this option, your subscribers will first receive a confirmation email after they subscribe. Once they confirm their subscription (via this email), they will be marked as ‘confirmed’ and will begin to receive your email newsletters.

MailPoet Sending Service
Solve all of your sending problems!

  • Reach the inbox, not the spam box.
  • Easy configuration: enter a key to activate the sending service.
  • Super fast: send up to 50,000 emails per hour.
  • All emails are signed with SPF & DKIM.
  • Automatically remove invalid and bounced addresses (bounce handling) to keep your lists clean.


    Send emails via your host (not recommended!) or via a third-party sender.

    • Unless you’re a pro, you’ll probably end up in spam.
    • Sending speed is limited by your host and/or your third-party (with a 2,000 per hour maximum).
    • Manual configuration of SPF and DKIM required.
    • Bounce handling is available, but only with an extra add-on.

    Bounce email address:
    Your bounced emails will be sent to this address

    Newsletter task scheduler (cron):
    Select what will activate your newsletter queue.

    Roles and capabilities:
    Manage which WordPress roles access which features of MailPoet. 

    Open and click tracking :
    Enable or disable open and click tracking.

    Share anonymous data:
    Share anonymous data and help us improve the plugin. We appreciate your help

    Enable reCAPTCHA :
    Use reCAPTCHA to protect MailPoet subscription forms.

    Reinstall from scratch:
    Want to start from the beginning? This will completely delete MailPoet and reinstall it from scratch. Remember: you will lose all of your data! 

    Enables logging for diagnostics of plugin behavior.